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About Us – Omkara Kuchipudi

About Us

ABout us

About Us

Prashanthi Harathi, is an Extremely Passionate Dance Professional with over 35 years of experience in Performing and over 20 years of teaching the great Indian Traditional Dance form of Kuchipudi. Prashanthi post graduated in Indian Classical Dance (Kuchipudi) from Hyderabad Central University and was the topper in the University. She is well molded artist with the compulsive appeal with her looks, articulation and sophistry. Her aesthetic elegance of sculpturesque posture and her lasya, are well received by the classical art lovers and appreciated by the audience alike. She has been giving major performances in various cultural organizations across the globe. Organized and results oriented with excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. Prashanthi has excellent capability of adapting to evolution of the dance form while respecting the age-old traditions established by Indian culture.

Prashanthi has multiple academic qualifications along with Masters in Performing Arts (Kuchipudi). She has Bachelors in Hindi (Praveena Utharadha), Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Computers.

Prashanthi developed passion for Traditional Dance form of Kuchipudi in her formative years. She has started learning the Art form from a very young age and has made many sacrifices to pursue her life-passion for Traditional Dance form. She bravely faced many challenges in her personal and professional life to continue her commitment to Traditional Dance form of Kuchipudi.

Prashanthi always demonstrates her passion for the Dance in her and her students every performance. She has fine-tuned her art with rigor of continued learning and training. Her acumen for the Dance, her intellect, helps her in seamlessly adapting the contemporary flavors without corrupting the Traditions. Prashanthi showcases the technique, nuances and intricacies of ancient dance form, an amazing quality that draws the attention of the audience and holds it.

In every creation of Prashanthi, one can see her passion, vision, beauty, grace, values, spirituality, experience, training, commitment and hard work. She has a natural gift to connect with her audience and take them out of their physical surroundings into a different world, often on a spiritual journey. Her creations have a tendency to leave the audience deeply touched emotionally.

Prashanthi is blessed to have worked on a wide range of subjects that include Indian mythology, poetry, philosophy, stories and contemporary subjects. No matter what the subject maybe, she has always followed the techniques developed and defined in Indian ancient scriptures.

Prashanthi at a very young age has started her career in performing on a stage with ‘Manikanta Vilaasam’, a dance drama renowned for its Theatrical excellence. She has the incredible accomplishment of performing it for 42 continuous days in front of large audience. Right from her young age, her presence on the stage during performances, her grace and her technique were very distinct and was appreciated by everyone in the audience. She continues to impress her audience with her every performance.

Prashanthi has performed in a renowned theater drama called “Pavala”. This master piece was directed by 6 times state Nandi Award winning director Sri. S.K.Misro garu. This has won the Andhra Pradesh Best Stage Drama Award.

Prashanthi continued to have an illustrious career in Indian Classical Dance Dramas and had important roles in Ramayanam, Gajananeeyam and Nava Durga Dance Drama productions choreographed by Professor Pasumarthi Ramalinga Shastry of Hyderabad Central University. Prashanthi played main roles in many other Dance Drama productions under the guidance of many reputed Kuchipudi Gurus.

Prashanthi has been a popular Photography model for many years. She proudly represented Indian Culture and Traditions by modelling in Indian Classical Dance Costumes and Traditional Sarees. She worked with many Photography Councils and with India’s most popular Photographers like Sri. J.P.Dutt of New Delhi, Sri. Krishna Potadar of Bangalore and Sri. Rajan Babu of Hyderabad.

Photographs of Prashanthi have won many state level and national level awards. Some of these awards are:

  1. APPSC (Andhra Pradesh Photography State Council) competition held in Guntur and Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh— Won first and second prizes for best photo for both Classical and Modern Saree.
    2. IIPC (India International Photography Council) held in Bangalore and Somnathpur, Karnataka— Won first and second prizes for best photos in both Classical and Modern Saree.
    3. AIPC (All India Photography Council) held in Andaman and Nicobar Islands— Won the best photo in Modern Saree.

Prashanthi has also featured in many commercials promoting products and services.

Even though Prashanthi has dedicated her life to her passion for Indian Classical Dance form of Kuchipudi, she has many accomplishments in the Film and TV Industry. She has worked under many prestigious South Indian Film productions like Geeta Arts and Vyjayanthi Movies. She has also worked under prestigious TV Productions and channels like Balaji Telefilms, E-TV and Maa-TV.


Photographs of Prashanthi have been featured on many prominent Telugu magazines.


Prashanthi Harathi moved to Portland, OR, USA in 2007 and has established Abhinaya Dance Academy. She has been training many students over the past Decade in America. Prashanthi and her students have staged solo and group performances on various prestigious occasions, impressing the knowledgeable audience and bringing about curiosity to the lay audience. Abhinaya Dance Academy is making several contributions to the Kuchipudi Art Form in Pacific Northwest.

After successful journey in teaching and performing for fifteen consecutive years in Portland, Oregon, Prashanthi moved to Dallas, Texas in 2022 and established Omkara, School of Indian Classical Dance, Kuchipudi in Frisco, Texas.

Prashanthi is continuing her passion for the art form by teaching and performing in both Portland, Oregon and in Dallas, Texas.

Prashanthi has received many awards and titles for her unselfish service to the Indian Traditional Art form of Kuchipudi. Her prominent titles are “Natya Moutika” awarded by Abhinetri Arts Academy and “Natya Seva Ratna” awarded by Surya Chandra Cultural & Social Services Organization. Her prominent recognitions and awards are Mother Teresa Award, Veenapaani Kalaapeetham Nritya Lahari and Rathasaptami Awards and Vyshnavi Arts Award.

Tanya Krishna Harathi is Prashanthi’s accomplished daughter. She was born in Portland, Oregon, USA and lived there until she graduated from her middle school.

Tanya moved to Dallas, Texas in 2022 along with her family to pursue her high school education and is working hard towards accomplishing her aspirations both in the Kuchipudi Dance Form and professional career.

Tanya, was immersed in Indian Art forms of Dance and Music from the time she was born. Tanya accompanied her mother to dance classes from the time she was an infant. At a very young age of 2.5 years, Tanya has started her journey in learning great Indian Traditional Classical Art form of Kuchipudi from her mother. As a toddler, Tanya grasped the interplay of melody, harmony and rhythm in Indian Classical Art forms.

First performance of Tanya was at an age of 3 years. From a very tender age, she mastered the skill of capturing and retaining the attention of the audience during her entire performances. Tanya has a very strong foundation in the Dance Technique and the Sampradayam or Traditions of Kuchipudi. She works very hard in practicing every step and every expression she learns from her Guru.


Tanya is a talented artist who captures the imagination of audience with her flawless performances. She performs complex choreography with great ease, always maintaining a beautiful smile on her face. She has the skills of a mature artist at this young age. Audience who watches her are spellbound by her beautiful rendition of various mythological characters. Watching her avid performance, audience often get so emotionally moved that several of them experience Goosebumps.


Tanya has the experience of performance on live TV and in front of large audience from past 11 years.

Tanya is a very well-rounded individual.  She has been learning Indian Classical Carnatic Music from the age of 4.


Tanya is a Second-Degree Black Belt in Martial Art form of Taekwondo. She is also an Expert Swimmer.


Tanya loves the language of Telugu. She has learnt Telugu for 5 years and has accomplished Distinction in Telugu Junior and Senior Certification from Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


Tanya has won the following prizes and awards:

  1. Devulapally Krishna Shastry Telugu Essay Competition—First Prize in her 2nd and 3rd Grades
  2. High Range of World Records in Kuchipudi Dance and Martial Arts
  3. MathFax—First Prize (Topper) in her 4th and 5th Grades

Prashanthi is a creative and a graceful Solo and a group performer. She is an accomplished teacher and an excellent choreographer.

Some of the Indian Classical Dance Performances in India and America by her and her students:


  1. Portland State University, Sanskriti – 2007,2015,2016,2017, 2018, 2019
  2. Greater Portland Telugu Association – 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 (virtual event), 2022, Ugadi Celebrations
  3. Balaji Temple (HECSA) – 2010, 2011,2014, Temple Anniversary
  4. Portland Hindu Temple – 2010, Temple Anniversary
  5. Balaji Temple (HECSA) – 2010,2012, Navarathri Celebrations
  6. Chinnmaya Misssion – 2010, Fund Raiser
  7. Greater Portland Tamil Mandram – 2011, Diwali Celebrations
  8. Purundara Dasa Jayanthi Celebrations – 2012,2013,2015
  9. Kalakendra Performing Arts – 2011,2013,2014,2015,2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, Fund Raiser
  10. Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam, Lord Srinivasa Kalyana Utsavam by TTD in Portland, OR – 2012
  11. Abhinaya Dance Academy School Anniversary – 2012, Annual Day celebrations
  12. Portland Cricket Association – 2013, Cricket Awards
  13. Portland Rose Festival – 2013, Rose Festival
  14. Swamy Vivekananda 150th Birthday Celebrations – 2013
  15. Portland Hindu Temple – 2013, 2016, Sri Krishna Janmashtami
  16. Sai Baba Temple – 2014, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Vigraha Prathistapana Mahotsavam
  17. Sri Paripoornanda Swamy ji visit – 2014, Spiritual discourses by Swamy ji
  18. Hillsboro Performing Arts – 2014, Mithranjali Solo Classical Dance Festival. Performed by advanced level students and also by Prashanthi Harathi. The performance is for one hour for each dancer individually.
  19. Balaji Temple (HECSA) – 2015, Sri Rama Navami Celebrations
  20. Hillsboro Performing Arts – 2015, Mithranjali Dance Festivals
  21. Shilparamam, Hyderabad – 2015, 2017
  22. Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthana, Nadaneerajanam, India— 2015
  23. SWWICCA (Southwest Washington Indian Cultural and Charitable Association), Diwali Celebrations, 2015,2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 (Virtual event)
  24. Telangana Development Forum – 2016,2017
  25. Imission, Fund raiser – 2016, 2018
  26. Legacy Hospitals Cultural Month Celebrations – 2016
  27. India Independence Day Celebrations, Indian Cultural Association (ICA) – 2016
  28. National Federation of Indian American Association (NFIA), Seattle, Washington, Biannual Convention – 2016
  29. Jaya Hanuman Temple, Temple Opening Celebrations – 2016
  30. Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Dallas, Texas – 2016
  31. Jaya Hanuman Temple, Kumbabhishekam Celebrations – 2017
  32. Portland Community College, Multicultural night & International Women’s Day Celebrations – 2017
  33. Portland Balaji Temple, Annamacharya Celebrations – 2017
  34. American Cancer Center Fund raiser- 2017, 2018
  35. Portland Balaji Temple, Marghazi Celebrations – 2018
  36. Jaya Hanuman Temple, Navaratri Celebrations – 2017, 2018
  37. Jaya Hanuman Temple, Sri Rama Navami celebrations – 2018
  38. Kelucharan Gunakirtanam, Odissi Dance Festival – 2018
  39. Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA—2018
  40. Srisailam Devasthanam, India – 2018
  41. Guru Purnima Celebrations, Ravindra Bharathi, India – 2018
  42. Portland Balaji Temple, Marghazi Utsavam – 2018
  43. NFIA (National Federation of Indian American Associations) Seattle, Washington, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations – 2019
  44. Nike Inc. Diwali celebrations – 2019
  45. Adi Parashakti & Sai Temple, Vigraha Prana Prathista Mahostava celebrations – 2021
  46. Adi Parashakti & Sai Temple, Srinivasa Kalyanam – 2021
  47. Adi Parashakti & Sai Temple, Guru Poornima celebrations – 2021
  48. NFIA (National Federation of Indian American Associations) Seattle, Washington, 75th India Independence Day celebrations & Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary celebrations – 2021
  49. Chidambaram Nataraja Swamy Temple, Tamilnadu, India – 2022
  50. World Beat Festival, Salem, Oregon – 2022
  51. Adi Parashakti & Sai Temple, Navaratri celebrations – 2022
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